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The Best Open Source Photo Organizing Software and more

The Best Open Source Photo Organizing Software

Open Source on Reddit

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Open Source 24/7/365 Solar / Wind Energy Technologies

Nikola Tesla Research & Development Centre We have discovered some extremely unique hidden features of Nikola Tesla’s machines through extensive research and …

SunFounder Raspberry Pi Pico Robot Car Kit, Open Source, MicroPython, App Control, RGB LED, Electronic DIY Robot Kit for Teens and Adults

ROS2 Foxy build from source fails at rviz_ogre_vendor

ROS Answers: Open Source Q&A Forum – RSS feed

I am trying to build ROS2 Foxy from source on an Odroid XU4 with Ubuntu 20.04 and am following the official guide for building from source. I am not able to finish the build because rviz_ogre_vendor fails which leads to an abort of several other packages. Here is the output from `colcon build –symlink-install` Starting >>> ament_package

Matt Powers – Regenerative Soil Microscopy – the Regenerative Soil Trilogy – Open Source Science

Oppenheimer Ranch Project Regenerative Soil Microscopy: Get the Skills to Explore, Analyze, Evaluate, & Document the Microscopic World of Soil Microbes, …

GPG in a team. Shared keys?

All about GPG, the GNU Privacy Guard

Heya, still try to figure out on how to handle GPG at my workplace. Right now all of us got our own keys, and when encrypting a backup for example, multiple recipients are defined. But here my problem starts. We just got a new employee who’s taking over a service. He needs access to the backups. I can decrypt and reencrrypt the stuff he needs, but

7 Next-Generation Electric Cars Building Platforms 🚙 Open Source for entrepreneurs to build from 🤑

TECH DUMIZ The car world is going electric: a growing list of automotive manufacturers are pledging to phase out combustion engines by 2030.

Q&A – Week 11 – Do you support Transparency and Open Data? –

“open data” – Google News

Backup software for openstack

OpenStack: Open Source Cloud Computing

Openstack do good cloud software. However i dont see any opensource backup software. All i know is vendor such as netbackup, comvault… I want a plan to recover host: 1 controller, all 3 controller… or recover VM or recover file with full and increment backup. Thankyou submitted by /u/chuvanminh [link] [comments]

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION kostenlos – nativ für Linux

Linux | Spiele | Open-Source | Server | Desktop | Cloud | Android

Bis ungefähr Montagmittag hast Du noch Zeit, Dir BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION zu holen und zwar kostenlos. verschenkt wieder ein Spiel, das auch noch nativ unter Linux läuft – Windows sowieso, ist aber auch für macOS verfügbar. BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION ist isometrisches 2D-Adventure. In einer fernen Zukunft löst Du in einer postapokalyptischen Landsch

Knative OSS Weekly #44

Salaboy (Open Source Knowledge)

It is always fantastic to see how vibrant the Knative community is. This week I’ve participated in various conversations about great ideas to move the project forward. There are several proposals, demos and PoCs coming. I am pretty excited about the following ones: I’ve been working with Workflows for a long time, written books, desi

L’era dei semiconduttori: dinamiche, scenario globale e il ruolo strategico dell’Italia

Elettronica Open Source

Il mercato dei semiconduttori è notevolmente complesso e in rapida evoluzione. Ad oggi, bisogna aggiungere anche che lo scenario del conflitto nell’Europa Orientale impatta sugli equilibri e sulla stabilità del mercato dei semiconduttori. A sua volta, il mercato dei semiconduttori e della distribuzione elettronica in generale non può più essere con

SSL certificate dataset, X509

Recent Questions – Open Data Stack Exchange

Looking for the whole dataset of SSL certificates. There are a bunch of public logs, such as Those logs are very intersected by data, you have to download multiple of them, by paging, and duplicating data after. I’d like to h

Are production web servers supposed to run my app in docker processes, or am I supposed to have a server OS created from the Dockerfile configuration, or neither of those?

Docker: An open source project to pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container

I am, as evident by this question, not experienced in deploying web apps. Conceptually, I cannot find the answer to what my web server is supposed to be running if I were to “go the docker path” in my development. For simplicity, as an example, let’s say I want a file server, so as my platform I choose the nginx:stable-alpine. I will pu

Mainframes: Exzellente Chancen für Linux-Admins, aber Manager müssen umdenken

Linux und Open Source

Die Ausbildung von Mainframe-Fachkräften kommt meist zu kurz – aber wer nur an Cobol denkt, liegt falsch: Gefragt sind vor allem Linux- und Java-Kenntnisse.

Sunset June 16 2022

Creative Commons (pls read the rules) Pool has added a photo to the pool: Just south of Jasper, Indiana, USA

The Bay of Bengal Could Be The Key to a Free and Open Indo-Pacific

NOSI – Naval Open Source Intelligence™

War on the Rocks – The Bay of Bengal now has considerable — and growing — strategic importance for Asia, and for the world as a whole. In many ways, the Bay of Bengal lies at the core of the Indo-Pacific region — a centerpiece of the broader Indo-Pacific concept and the place where the strategic interests of the major powers of East and South Asi

Re: Hyphen/dash instead of minus/negative for exponential numbers

Recent Open Source Physics Releases

Open Source Physics Forum: TrackerThread: Problem with format output data – hypen mixed up with negativeAuthor: Douglas BrownThanks for reporting this, James. Yes it’s true that Tracker uses hyphen-minus (u002D) because that is the default “minus” char used by Java NumberFormat classes. Since you solved the problem and nobody else has ever reported

Bridging The Gap Between Open Source Database And Database Business – The Next Platform

“open source” – Google News

FSF Blogs: FSD meeting recap 2022-06-17

Planet GNU

TVMosaic Provider for MP2

MediaPortal – An Open Source Windows Media Center for FREE!

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How to easily transfer files between Linux desktops with Warp

Open source | TechRepublic

Jack Wallen shows you what might be the easiest method of transferring files between Linux desktops on the market. For the full step-by-step article, head to: The post How to easily transfer files between Linux desktops with Warp appeared first on TechRepublic. …